Our Classes

When Cat was first learning the art of sourdough baking, she apprenticed at a small bread company in the Mission. Mornings were spent baking; afternoons were spent giving away her first 1,000 loaves of bread in exchange for a chance to preach the gospel of naturally-fermented dough: a tastier, healthier, easier to digest (gluten protein in particular) alternative to commercially-yeasted breads. Five years and over 9,000 students later from her immensely popular "Intro to Starter" class, the opportunity came up to branch out with more classes at Pizzahacker (thank you JK) under Breaducation SF.  She still believes the practice of developing your own fermented dough by hand –in pizza, bagels, or artisan loaves- and enjoying it freshly baked, is something everyone should experience. Take a class and see what the excitement is all about!

Cat Shimizu 
The Breaducator

Whether you're a novice home cook or an aspiring artisan baker ready to push your skills to the next level, all of our classes bring people with a wide range of experience together with a common goal: tapping into their inner artisan baker.  We practice hands-on development techniques and everyone leaves with their own starter, to continue the centuries-old tradition of making naturally leavened bread by hand; whether it be artisan loaves, pizza or bagels. Participants should be at least 14 years or older, but we also teach private classes for all ages. 


Contact us at info@breaducationSF.com for more details.